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Bath & Brush

from $25.00

Pets are bathed in one of our soothing, all natural Green Clean Shampoos. It cleans, conditions and enriches coats leaving them luxurious, healthy, shiny and easy to manage. This service includes bath, fluff dry, brushing, ear cleaning, sanitary trim, paw pad and nail trim. Shampoo option may vary according to your pet’s particular needs.

Mutt Cuts (Include Bath & Brush)

Puppy Cut

from $40.00

Looking for cute and fluffy? Then you have found the cut for your dog! Not just for puppies, this low-maintenance hairstyle flatters pooches regardless of age. Resulting in an inch long coat, this cut is perfect for playful dogs that enjoy getting messy and owners who are unable to keep up with the maintenance that long hair requires.

Kennel Cut

from $35.00

Great for the hot summer months! This low-maintenance hairstyle is clipper cut one inch or shorter, leaving your dog’s coat silky and smooth.

Custom Cut

from $35.00

Speak with one of our pet care consultants and we will help to finally achieve the look of your pet’s dreams!


FURminator deShedding

from $10.00

Add this valuable treatment to any of our services. deShedding includes extensive brushing using St. Louis’ very own FURminator tool to remove the loose, dead hair that collects in your pet’s undercoat. This is the hair we pet owners find all over our clothes, bed, carpet, and sofa. Fortunately, the FURminator’s patented design helps to eliminate this issue by removing the dull undercoat, stimulating the natural oils in the skin that promote a shiny topcoat and healthier skin. Reducing pet dander and hair from escaping into the surrounding environment can also decrease allergic reactions in many people. Give your vacuum a break, and give the FURminator a try!

Nail Trim

from $10.00

There are more than just aesthetic reasons to trim your pet’s nails–untrimmed nails often result in painful broken nails and a variety of more serious problems. Since dogs and cats walk on their toes, long nails can interfere with their gait by forcing pets to shift weight to the pads of their paws causing leg strain. Some pets (particularly overweight ones) may find it uncomfortable to put their full body weight on their feet with overgrown nails, resulting in sore feet, legs and hips. Over the long term, this can also contribute to the development of arthritis.

We understand how stressful of an experience this can be for pets; our pet care consultants take the necessary time to handle this frequent task with care, compassion and a special treat. For maintenance and wellbeing, the nails should be trimmed every 4 to 6 weeks. To shorten nails with long quick, we ask our clients to bring their pet every two weeks for trimming until the nail does not touch the floor.

Teeth Brushing


Gum disease is the most common disease occurring in pets. A pet’s teeth should be cleaned 3 to 4 times a week to help control plaque and promote healthy gums. Since our furry friends lack the thumbs necessary for brushing, it is up to their caregivers to provide this service. Murphy’s Mutts & Cuts can teach you how to approach the process and continue the upkeep at home. With practice and consistency, your pet can learn to enjoy the practice of dental care!

Puppy Practice Package


Ever have a dog that was afraid to be groomed?  Help your little one get ready for a lifetime of wellbeing. This package is designed to help eliminate the anxiety that some pets associate with a visit to the groomer. Schedule your puppy for four visits and we will give them the TLC to prove that grooming is nothing to fear. Package includes Bath & Brush services and a special treat.

All products used at Murphy’s Mutts and Cuts are made from only the finest ingredients. Our products contain no fillers, thickeners, harsh additives, oils, lanolins, or silicones. Our products are biodegradable, environmentally friendly, cruelty, soap and detergent free. All products are made in the USA.